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Oh, Morning

I’m 23. Have I mentioned this before? Already, I long for the days when I used to wake up with a raging hard-on, ready to fuck whatever came into sight.  Nowadays, I wake up in a state of mild arousal and no hard-on. Some slight hardening of the penis, but nothing like the glory days.

I dont fuckin believe this. I’m 23. I shouldn’t have to deal with this now. Maybe the fact that I masturbated last night has got something to do with it. Hmmmm…

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PI ?

Why Politically Incorrect?

Just added that to the title of the blog…Then you can’t say you weren’t warned before you ever started reading something and were offended. Stuff in here will mostly offend you. It might just excite you, but you’ll feel ashamed of that later on. That’s alright. Shit happens.

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Yes, you read it right. And I admit I might be fooling myself. There might be several other “Indian” sex blogs out there, that I might not be aware of. None of them want to spread their seed as much as I want to. Dont believe me, as long as you’re a she, why dont you drop me a mail ?? You’ll believe me right back then.

Moi? Average Indian male, one steady girlfriend throughout my life, VIRGIN, and only reached third base with above-mentioned GF as she wont do anything before marriage. That gives me two more years of Apna Haath Jagannath. Go ahead, sue me.

But I am a lecher of the first order, and my musings will be mainly derived from my lechings. So, wonderful times coming up ahead..

Whooo..Get ready for the ride of my life !

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