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Woke up today morning and the first thing that flashed in front of my eyes were her breasts. No, she isn’t with me now. She’s at her place and I am at mine.

But still, they flashed in front of me. And I felt a familiar rush of blood as I turned over in my bed.

I used to be quite sure that I was an ass-man till the moment I first sucked both, or all four, to be precise. Taking that nipple into my mouth proved far more arousing and far more satisfying for her than the bites and licks and suckies I planted on her butt. She had a great butt, firm and round, but they weren’t doing much. In contrast, she once had on orgasm just by me devoting my complete attention on her breasts, and nowhere else. I was amazed, and shocked. I hadn’t even gone down on her yet. And no, it wasn’t a one-time thing.

I still respect a healthy butt, the larger the better, to a certain limit of course. But I’ve opened my mind to the limitless possibilities that those two globes of flesh on top can provide. Everything about the breasts, the sides, the under-side, the aureola and the nipples, fascinate me now more than ever. Now, that I’m learning how to best utilize them, how to best tweak and suck and lick and bite till they can’t take any more.

She complains playfully that I leave them so sore everytime that she can’t put on her bra for hours after we’re done. Me? I just smile…

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There are more of us out there!!

Umm, make that, there are more of them there, where I wanna be..

Indian Sex Bloggers, I mean, and of the variety that actually have sex!

Wow, someday, I’m gonna grow up and be just like them.

Till then, I’ll just continue standing on attention.

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Why does this happen to all my blogs? I start one, then for a couple of days (count ’em) I post a couple of cute articles (that might not be the case here) and then I just forget about them. Granted, there’s not been much happening on the sex front right now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t write anything now? Here’s hoping for better days here!

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