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The first Bollywood MILF?

So, after MNIK, can Kajol be called the first true bollywood MILF? Off the top of my head, can’t think of anyone who has had a success like MNIK after having children and being cast in the leading role. Call it what you will, but the movie did collect over 100 crores worldwide, and this is only its first week.

Kajol was yummy, as usual. She always had a good set of knockers, not the nearly flat ones like a few going around today.  She could do with a little work around the hips, but that can very definitely be overlooked. Her boobs seem to have grown, and she looks to have just the right amount of meat everywhere.

Can’t wait for this trend to catch on!! Here’s more power to you, MILFs of India!!

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I pity anyone who sleeps with Serena Williams. Make that, I pity any normal human who sleeps with her. She’d crush you between her thighs, your dick would be squeezed to a pulp in her vagina, and if you were doing it doggy style, your dick wouldn’t get past her enormous ass. Oh, and after you were spent and ready to roll over and die, you’d find that you’d hardly even started tickling her, and that she wants it all night and probably all the following day. You aren’t going anywhere, son. You can’t get out of those thighs.

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