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“Come home fast, I have to leave soon”, she said.

She was crying when she opened the door. “Bad fight, and I don’t have time to go into details.”, she sobbed. “Why can’t I stay with you, why do I have to go now?”

“Don’t worry, it’ll work out” I said, forgetting that she was definitely smarter than Paris Hilton and I had no clue what was the problem in the first place.

“I didn’t call you here to talk. You have 15 minutes. Make me happy.”

Truth be told, I didn’t have much to do. She was into it so bad that she pushed me onto the couch and straddled me with her clothes on. A flurry of kisses followed. I use the term kisses very, very loosely as it was more of a tongue-on-face-and-skin kinda thing.

“Take me inside”

And so I did.

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