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A short walk…

I like to think she skipped down the steps. That is always how the scene replays in my mind. I’m looking at her from inside her head, and I/We are skipping down the steps.  I look down and see the the top of her breasts, a look at her cleavage from the top. And then, I’m transported back to where I was, on the opposite platform. I was lucky that day, I saw her almost as soon as she stepped off the bridge. She was wearing a short skirt, with a floral pattern printed on it. There was just the right amount of breeze, tantalizing us as one-by-one, every single male on the platform started following her with our eyes. A decade of traveling by trains, and I have never seen a scene that could come remotely close to this. It was as if, by some ancient psychic understanding, we realized that someone up there had been over-please with us and that we had been blessed to see this much beauty. I fondly seem to think that if there were any blind people standing with us, they might have been given the gift of sight, if only to fuck them up for the rest of their lives.

She stepped down from the stairs, and walked for 50 metres. A crowd of eyes followed her every step, breathlessly. In an almost perfect display of timing, the train arrived at the exact moment that she reached near the ladies car. And then she got in, and left.

And all of us standing on the opposite platform exhaled. Everyone looked at each other and smiled. Men will be dogs, and how!

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Lady Friend

She’s one of my better friends. Not the best of friends, not mere acquaintances either. We wouldn’t go wayyy out of the way to meet each other, but we definitely wouldn’t mind taking a little detour either. We’ve known each other for more than a few years, ping each other regularly if we see the other online (as opposed to having someone on the chat list and NEVER speaking to them), and in general, are quite comfortable with each other.

Where this gets messy, is that I want to sleep with her. And I mean, I really, really want to. Over the last year, I’ve (we’ve?) tread into sexual innuendo territory with her. Also, it just so happens that she is a full-on tease and can drive a perfectly sane guy crazy. So one never knows if she’s just kidding around or is remotely serious.

Did I tell you that my ass-fascination was started solely and completely by her? At first, it wasn’t all that great to look at, but somehow, over time, it grew. It changed shapes and sizes, hummed, hemmed and hawed before it settled down, for a few glorious months, to the most perfectly proportioned ass I have physically seen on a female to date. The size was perfect, the curve was perfect, the way it suited her physique was perfect and the slight sashay whenever she walked into a room was perfect. I don’t recollect when I first fell in love with that ass, but I was a total convert. And all I could dream of was what all I could possibly do to, quite literally, tap that ass.

It started off as an innocent fantasy, at first. Then it grew on me, little by little, inch by bloody inch, year by year. Now its gotten to be so bad that just talking with her gives me blue balls. I even know in what position I am going to take her eventually. It has to be from behind (or as the animals say, doggy-style). She would be on all fours, jutting out her ass for me. Round, creamy and fleshy. After all this time, I have to see my cock enter her from behind. Place my hands on her butt-cheeks while I thrust into her. Feel my thighs crush her butt and crinkle them up while I enter her ever so deeply.

All, and I mean all, that I can think of while speaking with her is this scenario. She on her knees, and me behind her. If that day ever comes, I fear I might cum while just standing behind her, without ever having entered; that much have I fantasized. But someday it shall happen, and I shall not fail to rise to the occasion.

Oh, and she’s going to be in town for the next three days. There go any plans for a sterile weekend.

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I know, lots of chopping and changing going on with my theme. Promise to stick with this for some time. More Later.

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