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Dear Penney,

This might be the last time I’m penning you. No, that wasn’t a pun you silly girl; just a statement of fact.While I pray we’ll bump into each other more often (literally speaking), I realize that the odds are against such happenings, and yet present enough to give me enough hope to last a lifetime.Well, life’s too short and too damn long at the same time, innit?

As I was saying before that short interruption, there I was, slumped on the couch, too spent to even think of what to do next, and you kissing my forehead. I’ll admit it, I was confused. Do I respond? Do I zip up my pants and bid you farewell?  Yes, I do realize I was stupid. Why was  I thinking in the first place? You had shown clearly enough that you would be in control. As you began to make way down my face, stopping for a brief kiss on the lips, I realized that the night was far from over. As long as you were naked, there would be no stopping. Makes perfect sense, when you think about it. Why waste all that precious nudity?

If you remember, I was still completely clothed at the time and the thrill of physical contact without nudity is one of my life’s seldom-indulged-in-pleasures. As you sucked my nipples through my shirt, I felt thrilled, a sensation so similar to the usual unprotected suckling, and yet so marvelously different. I really must try this more often! You didn’t stop there for long, of course. Even while your mouth was busy sucking, I could feel your hand reaching down towards my cock, searching for proof that yes, you were as proficient at your craft as my moans alleged. To the surprise of precisely none of us, it was hard again. And with that you stood up, and offered your hand. You were already walking to the chair by the time I took it and made me sit down. Now, armless chairs aren’t the greatest for sitting upon, but for fucking? Its like a prop built for pleasure. As I sat down, with my cock pointed straight up at you, you smiled that dastardly smile once again and stood in front of me, your pert breasts (I love how this word perfectly describes your breasts, they’re just so pert!) right in front of my mouth. I knew I wasn’t allowed to touch them though, not until you’d begun doing what you had in mind.

You know that moment when you’ve just crossed your arms behind my shoulders and you’re pussy is about to get filled with my cock? There’s a microsecond there which captures a moment which is absolutely unique in lovemaking. Its when the tip of my cock just meets the lips of your pussy and the wetness there causes a little tingle, like the first toe you dip in the water at the beach. I look forward to it every time. If you barge in straight without noticing such things, good things will remain good, because really, there’s nothing un-pleasurable about fucking, but sometimes it pays to notice such things, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, don’t get worked up. I assure you that these things were farthest on my mind as I slowly, surely disappeared inside you. The feeling, incredible as it is, was accentuated by the fact that it was YOU I was disappearing into. You, whom I’d craved for years, who I’d considered so unattainable that I’d even stopped fantasizing about, you of the perfect waist and even-more-perfectly proportioned breasts. Just you.


You do take this business of giving pleasure rather seriously, don’t you? Your aim is to spoil every man who shares your bed for any other woman who might have him. They can go a thousand, a million miles but there’s no other place they’d be, than on top, or below or beside you. My role that night was pretty much limited to holding your buttocks while you ground my penis with the sort of dedication an athlete could admire. In case you didn’t notice, for you really did seem to be in some kind of a trance, I did manage to get a bite or two of your pert breasts (I’m sorry, just couldn’t resist). They really are most incredibly edible. A mouthful and a bit more, the perfect quantity. Anything more than a mouthful is a waste, wouldn’t you agree?

And so we came. Come on, it was a dream, did you really expect something different? Coming together, your breast in my mouth, one final push and then, explosions. Spurts inside, contractions, liquids and then, a scream. A primal scream, from your throat. I cushioned my head between your breasts and we sat there for some time, huffing. I remember carrying you to the bed and falling asleep. No more action, no conversation.

You weren’t there when I woke up the next morning. I didn’t expect you would be, either. We haven’t spoken since, and I suspect we won’t again. But I’ll always have that one fantastic unforgettable night, when I was yours and you, in that magical dream-land.

Thank you for indulging me, and indulging in me.

Truly yours,



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My dearest Penney,

You must forgive me if I’ve taken longer than what is deemed polite in replying to your last letter. Although “Go ahead, you sick bastard” was not the kind of encouragement I was looking for, I must confess to being emboldened by the fact that you replied at all. Without further ado, as they say, pray let me proceed.

No doubt you remember where we left off in our last correspondence. You wouldn’t let me press forward, as if I could even begin to take control of this night. You sat me down on the couch, and put a finger to my lips. “Stay“, you said and I sat on the couch, expectant. I don’t think you spoke another word that night, not in my dream at least. You unzipped my pants, not unbuttoned them. Not for me was destined the pleasure of feeling your hands on my skin. No, YOU would give ME the gift of feeling your skin, your perfect little round breasts, your painfully erotic ass; YOU would bestow upon me the gift of taking pleasure from your body that I’ve desired for years;YOU would decide what MY body could or could not do, but YOU would remain above it all; YOU wouldn’t take pleasure, not physically, all your pleasure would be derived from the fact that you owned another human being blood, body and soul. You desired control, desired a slave and I was more than happy to give the former and be the latter. You are my goddess, goddess; my embodiment of perfection and that way you’ll forever stay.

As you unzipped my pants, I wondered for a second, “Why?” and then, as my cock sprang out into the cool air of the night, all thoughts vanished. Madam, my cock will be the most grateful thing that your mouth will ever feel, bar none. Now, I realize that handing out compliments might be a tad superfluous at this point, but what a tongue! What devilish control! Not a stroke less, not a lick more. Your mouth, madam, is velvet. With a tongue as smooth as a baby’s bottom, you worked my shaft with a gusto I was unprepared for. There were times when I thought I could hold myself back no longer and that I’d disappoint you by erupting so soon, but the expert way in which you felt, felt the tension rising at those moments and diverted yourself to gamely trying to swallow my testicles is beyond my power to describe.

As your mouth transposed my brain to levels of pleasure hitherto unfelt, and the only sound in the room was of lips smacking on flesh, I was delivered. No my lady, I don’t mean that in the crude physical sense of the word, but rather as an unshackling of every chain that had held me back previously, bar one – yours. I moaned, I groaned, I even shouted your name. Gods were invoked, thanked and forgotten again. The world could’ve ended that night, at that moment even and I couldn’t have cared less. “I’m coming”, I groaned. You continued to swallow my cock with such dexterity that I couldn’t find the base of my cock even if I wanted to. “This isn’t like the earlier ones, I won’t be able to stop.” You didn’t even look up at me. As you played with my balls, and simultaneously sucked me dry with your mouth and pumped me with your fist, I realized this time you didn’t want me to stop. Which meant you wanted me to come. Add to this the fact that my cock was still entrenched within your mouth, and there was only one conclusion: You’d swallow.

Forgive me for confessing this, but all the excellent work done by your tongue and your mouth did not count for an ant’s puny ass as the fact that I realized that you’d swallow; BY GOD, YOU’D SWALLOW! And in that instant, I came. Like I’ve never come before; torrents of cum, deposited deep inside you. Wave after wave after wave. I swear, at that moment, I thought I’d never stop coming.  You wouldn’t let my dick out even after I stopped, to me it seemed as if you were determined to leave nothing inside of me. A minute passed, an hour passed. I don’t remember. What I do remember is your brilliant grin as you looked up at me. I was slumped in the couch, and you slowly stood up and kissed me on the forehead. Was your veneer of control slipping?

But my lady, if you want me to answer that, I must insist on you responding to me. Even a word from you will do splendidly.

Till then, with all my heart, I await your response.

Truly yours,


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