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(To be read in a sing-song, nursery rhyme manner, or else it loses what little appeal it has)
‘Enter title here’ bola wordpress,
Main kya jaanu besides sex,
Woh bhi theek se mujhe aati nahin,
Ladki bhi koi milti nahin.
Yahaan karta main bakbak,
Likhta naughty naughty khat,
Agar hoti bistar par ladki,
Kyun khuli rakhta main khidki?
Chooton ka main bhakt hoon,
Lundfakeer kambaqht hoon,
Aise bhi din the apne,
Yahoo Chat kiya hum sab ne.
Papa bole paise kamaa,
Mummy boli neki badha,
Main bola sab gaand maraao,
Tum meri shaadi karwao.
Hogi bahu iss ghar mein,
Roz lagenge palang par dharne,
Mere pant mein na hoga tamboo,
Jo main gaand mein daalu bamboo.
Ek mili thi sundar-susheel,
Phir nikli woh khuli dheel,
Boli pehle bahao paseena,
phir comply karegi haseena.
Ye sunke main hua gussa,
Uska aam na maine choosa,
Kapde lekar main jo bhaaga,
Peeche pada uska bhai abhaaga.
Kabhi toh aayega din bhi apna,
Woh ho pinkyy ya ho sapna,
Hai agar yeh mera yog,
Karoonga main bhi ek din sambhog!
P.S.: Done on a lark, out of the blue, for @indianerotica

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You remember I did a post on Irina Sheik? No? Well, here you go. Go check, and come back. If you read the fine print, you’ll notice that I’d said that Irina was just the most beautiful woman in the world, not the hottest and that I’d be doing a post ‘soon’ on whoever that might be.

Well, wait no more, for here I fulfill my promise and hereby award the title of “Hottest Woman in the Sindian World” to…

So demure, so mind-blowingly pretty. Who is she, you ask? BLASPHEMY! She’s the very, very pretty and (I’m assuming) talented Ms. Emmanuelle Chriqui. As attested by her IMDB profile, she has acted in a few movies and is also on some TV show, which is supposed to be entertaining, or so I’m told. I first came across this beauty when I was watching the god-awful ‘You Don’t Mess With The Zohan’, a movie whose sole redeeming point is that she has a part in it.

As far as I’m concerned, her two main qualities are: 1. Looking pretty and 2. Wearing clothes that constantly threaten to expose her nipples. Go ahead, do that google search. Or let me simplify even that for you. Click here. See? Most of her clothes threaten to display her diamond-cutters, and sometimes they do taste victory, much to my delight. (Victories archived here and here)

The problem with her (and Irina) is that they are too beautiful for me to even begin to describe. And a particular problem with Emmanuelle (Yeah, I’m on first-name basis with her. In my mind. Your point?) is that her off-the-scale hotness does not exactly set the still photos on fire. To be convinced, you have to see her walking, talking, moving. Go ahead, you won’t be disappointed.

One of the best things about her is that she wears some ridiculous outfits with even more ridiculous hairstyles. You’ve clicked that link, right? Some of those are downright whacko. And yet, she manages to simultaneously expose a lot and still look dignified. And hot.And pretty. And hot.

In posts like these, there’s not much work for me to do except trying not to spoil it all for you. But before I leave, I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorite pics of her. (And the obligatory gallery and video of course)

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So that’s three titles now. Wonder who’ll come along to knock them off their perch.

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