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Twists and Turns…

When my balls are full and the bed is empty / Not for a moment do I get senti / Me and my dick are two of a kind / We love pussy, we love the grind

In its absence we don’t despair / With our three eyes, no woman do we spare / You may be fat, skinny, black or white / We don’t care as long as you’re tight

Wine, dine, baby so fine / Yeah, even I wear Calvin Klein / So what if it ain’t, on the outside / They ain’t gonna be there for the whole ride

Slippery slappery gobbledygook / You ain’t gettin nowhere with that book / Enter, enter this house of incest / Daddy knows good, he knows what’s best

One night, and a morning of debauchery / If it isn’t already, I’ll pop your cherry / I’m not the one you take home to Mom / That’s coz I have her on CD-ROM

Groanin, moanin and bumpin your head / That ain’t wood, that’s a metal bedstead / Oh fuck babydoll, whatchoo’ done / That ain’t a dildo, that’s my gun

Fuck crazy bitch gone and blown to shit / Vajazzled a bullet into her tit / Blood and guts and puke all around / I think that’s her tongue on the ground

So many drugs found in your spleen / Fuck bitch were you only sixteen / I’m in prison, I’m in jail / Cocks all round me, I’m a piece of tail

Taking turns on a virgin asshole / Well, not quite after that first night in gaol / I’ve been owned, I’m someone else’s bitch / You walk past me and my butt-cheeks twitch

That’s why kids, never play with guns / And if you wanna fuck, the best choices are nuns / They don’t care about the size of your rod / And pleasing them is also an Act of God

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Naughty Worker?

Hello. A few questions keep running through my head and since I have a blog, why not put them out there? This is the first of a few polls I have in mind. Do reply. I gather the replies are anonymous.

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