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M.E. is a Goddess. Like any goddess, she loves. Sometimes, even me. This is what came out of one of the best Saturday afternoons I’ve ever spent. Her offering to love is here: Twenty Opposite Things – a banter of falling-in-love memos

You’d do well to read that. Go.

How is your love? Do tell…


Sometimes, you have a crush. Sometimes, you lust. Sometimes, you fall in love. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you just want to be her slave.

How do you know?


You want to kiss her lips at the exact moment you want to lick her feet.


You want to lock her up, so that no one but you may enjoy her company and yet you want to show her off to the world.


You crave listening to her voice, but pray that you never speak because you would be too tongue-tied.


Your asshole puckers while your cock stiffens. You do not know if you want to take or be taken.


You want to be her addiction, for she already is yours and you want to de-addict and you don’t want to and you can’t and you won’t.


You pray for the sun and the warmth and a never-ending summer so she wears pretty dresses and you pray for the winter and the chill and the everlasting cold so she stays close forever.


You want her to feel the rain on her skin and her face and trickle down her breasts but can’t bear the thought of even the elements touching her.


You want to cook for her, all her favorites, every time and you want her to cook for you, and feed you and spoil you.


You want her to be strong and hard and not care about what you or anyone else thinks, yet you want her to be vulnerable and broken so that you can take care of her and pick up the pieces.


You want to sing for her, and play for her and write for her and yet you can’t because you don’t want these feelings known to anyone, not even her.


You want every man and every woman to be her lover and you want no man, no woman to even look at her, not even you.


You want her to tease you and play with you and never come in your grasp, yet all you crave is a single act of acknowledgement.


You want to get away from the world together and never look back and you want to stay and provide for everything she could ever want.


She makes you think and she makes you weep and she makes you uncomfortable and all you want is more, and more.


You want her, crave her, physically, more than you thought possible, yet even touching her seems sacrilege.


You want to love her and control her, yet there’s nothing more you want than to do than surrender to her completely, totally and utterly.


You want her to love you for your convictions and your morals and you want to break every single one of them for her.


You want nothing, other than for her to know how deeply you want her to take over your life, to follow her every command, to simply submit to her power and never leave and yet, you never tell her.


You want to be her lover yet you want to be her love.


You want her to own you and all you want is for her to never have to do anything with you.

Then, you know.

P.S.: Thank you, @mentalexotica, for being the compellingly mysterious and utterly beautiful woman that you are and for saying what you do. We would all be poorer without you.

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