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Random October Night Musings

1. On Twitter, by @trillionaire: “There’s no foreplay quite like intellectual conversation.” If true, how neanderthal am I that I have never experienced it? And if not, have the ones who tweeted and retweeted it never indulged in foreplay? How does this work? Maybe I should try to remember not to take everything on twitter seriously.

2. Gifted my copy of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” to a niece cousin without having read it. I hope she makes good use of it, at least better than I did. I will treasure reading it once I get it back. I see lots of potential; she reads, writes, is a hardcore manga fan and even as I publish, must be on her way back from the Metallica concert.

3.  About my tumblr. Its not just lifting from here and there. Each pic goes through 4-5 “filters” before it comes up there. As I think about it now, why do I do all that again?

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An Ode to Wetness

When you touch a girl,
Think what it means for them too,
Their first time with you.
Make them feel the love,
The love that you share tonight,
Make them feel its need.
Remember the day,
As it gave way to the night,
They have waited too.
Undress them lightly,
For they trust you to take care,
Of them, this night now.
Their bosoms await,
The touch of fingers and tongue,
Tease them if you can.
Patience and purpose,
Will bring you greater rewards,
Than haste, lost in lust.
Have you ever seen,
A woman wet with passion,
Have you entered her?
Have you licked her so,
You thought she could no longer
Be wet, still she was.
The more time outside,
The better it is inside,
A Frictionless warmth.
In itself it is,
Such a paradox profound,
Less friction, more bliss?
Be that as it may,
Your logic will fail in these,
Matters of the Cunt.
Rare will be the time,
When you desire not foreplay,
For the gifts it bears.
Addicted to it,
You shall be, if once you feel,
A truly wet cunt.
P.S.: All paragraphs above form a Haiku in the 5-7-5 format, 17 syllables each. Do let me know in case I’ve miscounted somewhere. Do let me know how it was otherwise too!

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