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I’d asked this on twitter, but with my dismal follower count, wasn’t ever expecting a reply.

So, Is Gul Panag the Indian Christina Hendricks?

For the record, I find Christina Hendricks fat, and Gul, besides being incredibly charming looking is also somehow incredibly old looking. For a huge ass version of the above pic, go to http://twitpic.com/26kvmz.

And while you’re at it, guess whose ass this is? Its one of the most famous asses in the world, and I’m still not sure why. For your sanity, I shall only supply a thumbnail (and also because I don’t want that in all its glory on my front page).

So, who?

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Fuck, one tweet and all of you rush to the blog eh? Now don’t tell me I don’t fulfill your wishes.

Here it is then, in all its (in)glory, Deepika Padukone’s ass in the Nescafe Ad.

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Also, this slideshow thing is cool.

And since I don’t wanna have too many things up on the page, you can check out the Ad here.

I spoil you peoples sometimes.

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Its time to sleep,

Hit the bed, hard and soft,

I’m sleeping in my loft,

Alone, together, single, slower.


I try to feel the need,

the need for sleep, for warmer breasts,

cuddling in your armpits,

snaky, moist, coarse and warm.


I snuggle, you sneeze,

I laugh, you wheeze,

Jeez louise,

pass on the peppers please.


You wake up at last,

Neither smile nor frown,

Wonderment none, buttocks like bun,

You know how it is.


You smile your smile,

you know my needs,

I can’t sleep horny,

You’re warm, beastly, furry, curry.


Its a paddock, its a farm,

haystacks’ cold, hay’s warm,

I’m on top, no its you,

Wetter clothes, feverish arms.


Fabric’s out, skin is in,

My mouth is on your pubis,

You giggle and smile,

Moan, thrash, this isn’t what you had in mind.


But it is, it is so,

You knew it was going to,

When the saree stuck to your butt,

Reams of yellow, nothing inside.


You pretended to sleep,

To watch your breasts flow,

Up and down, up and down,

sweet, wholesome mounds of jell-o.


You knew I couldn’t resist,

never did, never will,

My cock knows its master,

Not me, never me.


It awakens, without need to be called,

Full, looking to blow, be blown,

not tonight, that’s not your game,

warmth will I find.


Only in one place,

marshy, sticky, wet, sloppy,

it has to enter,

deep, warm, pleasure, joy.

This is what you wanted,

Who am I to deny?

This illusion of choice you give me,

Greatest of your gifts, Goddess.


So it goes, the dance of Yin,

and Yang, too, essential spirit,

Who knows who was sparked,

That night in the rains?

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Preity Zinta is a perky, zesty female. Who looks killer in the KXIP T-shirt.

The only reason I still watch those matches is because they show her jumping up and down a few times. I pray for them to do well so that she jumps more and more.

I told you I’m a pervert. Not my bad if you didn’t believe me.

But what really struck me is, how absolutely perky her breasts are. The stand perpendicular to her body no matter what the situation, no matter how much she jumps. They stand erect in a manner a man’s erection would be put to shame. And her bras are classy as well. Never a hint of a bra line. Just the smooth red material flowing over a gorgeous pink breast.

A man can only dream, can’t he?

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The first Bollywood MILF?

So, after MNIK, can Kajol be called the first true bollywood MILF? Off the top of my head, can’t think of anyone who has had a success like MNIK after having children and being cast in the leading role. Call it what you will, but the movie did collect over 100 crores worldwide, and this is only its first week.

Kajol was yummy, as usual. She always had a good set of knockers, not the nearly flat ones like a few going around today.  She could do with a little work around the hips, but that can very definitely be overlooked. Her boobs seem to have grown, and she looks to have just the right amount of meat everywhere.

Can’t wait for this trend to catch on!! Here’s more power to you, MILFs of India!!

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