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Who, me?

“Here I am, offering you to take advantage of me in every way possible, and you’re behaving like such a prude. Like, seriously!”

File that under words I never expected to be addressed to me, ever.

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Watch this. You have ‘no choiss’.

Bhairavi Goswami couldn’t find anyone better than this model?  Whenever he appears, she has to literally make him do everything. Bollywood’s way more tougher than I thought. And she’s only 29, if Google is to be trusted.

You know things are truly WTF when even I refuse to contemplate masturbating to it.


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Fuck, one tweet and all of you rush to the blog eh? Now don’t tell me I don’t fulfill your wishes.

Here it is then, in all its (in)glory, Deepika Padukone’s ass in the Nescafe Ad.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, this slideshow thing is cool.

And since I don’t wanna have too many things up on the page, you can check out the Ad here.

I spoil you peoples sometimes.

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